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    Heshoutang Management System|Effective Rate

    • The module is used for qualifying the ability of Heshoutang Members to treat patients.
    • We will use Effective Rate and Healing Rate to qualify the ability of Heshoutang members to treat patients.
    • Effective Rate is effective visits to total visits ratio; Healing Rate is healed patients(five stars visits) to total¬†visits ratio.
    • Effective rate and Healing rate of every member should be shown on profile.
    • If Effective Rate of members is less than 60%(Including 60%), the system should send notification to the member to remind the member should study the system further; if Effective Rate of members is less than 40%(Including 40%), the system will deactivate the member's account, and the member has to do examination again to reactivate their certificate, it will not affect their E-Wallet and Credit what they have got before.