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    Shipping & Returns

    1. We accept Credit Card, debit card, Paypal, Phone Order, and Check..

    2. If you want to pay by Phone Order, please call us +1 602 278 9228.

    3. Before making order, please read the diseases information, and select the correct products to order.

    4. If you can not select the correct product yourself, please call us to get help.

    5. Once you confirmed the order, we will send you parcel in same day (order before 4:00pm) or the second day (order after 4:00pm) with express courier.

    6. We accept refund only you not get the correct product as when you make order or parcel missing.

    7. If parcel missing or you not get the correct product, please contact us timely, we will give timely solutions.

    8. Your payment is also protected by paypal, so never worry you can not get parcel after payment.

    9. During taking the product, you can come to our online support system, email us or call us to get help.

    10. You also can ask your local health provider to get consultation during taking the product.

    11. Please login your account to check order and delivery status because we will update it timely there.

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    At HESHOUTANG Natural Store we make every effort to ensure we protect your personal information.

    Our policy

    When you buy goods and services from us, we record your details to ensure that we can:
     • Process any order you have placed and send the goods to you;
     • Contact you in emergencies, such as an urgent product recall; or
     • Resolve any financial queries.

    This data will never be shared with any other business outside of  HESHOUTANG Natural Store group of companies.

    However, we would like to use the information you share with us to help make shopping with us easier and to keep you up to date with the range of products and services we offer. This includes news of events, promotions, offers, product launches and, if applicable, special activity relating to your Rewards for Life membership. We may contact you by email or post.

    We are constantly looking to improve our business and the service we offer, so from time to time we may also contact you to get your feedback or for research purposes.

    We will always give you the option of how you want to be contacted and if you do not wish to be contacted by us, we will respect this. You may choose to no longer receive contact in this way by:
     • Amending your options within the "Email Notifications" section of "Your Account" on our website;
     • By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    At HESHOUTANG Natural Store, we use cookies to help collect information about our website - such as how many people visit and return to the site, what products are being bought, and to make certain parts of the site function properly.

    If you have "disabled" the cookies file in your browser, you may experience technical problems with some parts of the site (for example products you have placed in your basket may be lost and you may have difficulties in adding new products to your basket).

    We also use pixels (or transparent image files) on our site to help us manage our online advertising. These files enable us to learn which advertisements bring users to our website. The information that we collect using this technology is anonymous and not personally identifiable. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number or email address.

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    2. Contacting Us
    China Address: 9035 N 43RD AVE, PHOENIX, AZ 85051, USA
    Phone: +1 602 2789228
    Contact Person: Tom Wang
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    3. Web Site Information
    a) We have tried to ensure that information provided in the Web Site is accurate. However, we make no representation and give no warranty of any kind in respect of the information.
    b) We do not accept liability for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) which may arise from reliance on information contained in the Web Site or in respect of any error or omission, except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

    4. Description of Products
    a) The description and specification of products in the Web Site is only approximate and we reserve the right to make changes which do not materially affect the quality or performance of those products.
    b) We may correct any error appearing in the Web Site or withdraw any product from sale without incurring liability. Price and availability is also subject to change without notice.

    5. Ordering Products
    a) You may order products from the Web Site by submitting a completed order form through the check out procedure.
    b) We will confirm acceptance of your order by e-mail to the address you have given and the sending of this e-mail (whether or not it is received) makes the contract between us.

    6. The Price and Payment
    a) The price of the products will be the price quoted in the Web Site at the time we accept your order. The price will include any applicable value added tax, but not the cost of delivery.
    b) In addition to the price, you will have to pay our delivery charges as quoted in the Web Site at the time we accept your order - unless you qualify for free delivery. The amount of these charges varies according to the method of delivery and the delivery address you specify in your order.
    c) Payment is made by credit card at the time we accept your order. (The credit cards we accept are listed in the Web Site at the time you place your order). Refunds will generally be made by means of a credit to your credit card.
    d) Although every care is taken in the quality of content on this site, there may occasionally be an error and items may be mispriced. In this event we will either: contact you to ask if you wish to cancel the order, or simply cancel the order and notify you, at our own discretion. We are under no obligation to supply goods at the incorrect price.

    7. Delivery of Products
    a) We will arrange for delivery of the products you order by the method and to the address which you specify in the check out procedure. However, the time for delivery will not be essential to the contract between us.
    b) If you do not take delivery of the products or supply adequate delivery instructions, we may cancel your order and retain the products. In this event, we will refund you the price of the products, but you will still be liable to pay any delivery charges.
    c) If there is an error or any other delivery problem in respect of the products ordered, you must notify us in writing within 14 days after the delivery date. We will not be liable for any loss or damage if you fail to do this.

    8. Cancelling Orders
    a) You may cancel your order by notifying us in writing at any time up to 14 days after your products have been delivered. The notification should state your order number and give the reason for cancellation.
    b) If you cancel your order after we have despatched the products, then you must return the products to us at the address mentioned above. The products should be returned in a reasonable condition and at your own expense. We recommend the use of a Recorded Delivery Service
    c) You can no longer cancel your order once you have opened the product containers or used the products. However, your statutory rights concerning the quality of those products will be unaffected.

    9. General
    a) The products advertised in the Web Site are intended for sale to persons dealing as consumers and are not for re-sale.
    b) The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to any contract between us, so that no contractual rights are conferred on third parties.
    c) Any contract between us shall incorporate these terms and conditions and be under English law. If there is any dispute, the English Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.