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    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping & Returns

    1. We accept Credit Card, debit card, Paypal, Phone Order, and Check..

    2. If you want to pay by Phone Order, please call us +1 602 278 9228.

    3. Before making order, please read the diseases information, and select the correct products to order.

    4. If you can not select the correct product yourself, please call us to get help.

    5. Once you confirmed the order, we will send you parcel in same day (order before 4:00pm) or the second day (order after 4:00pm) with express courier.

    6. We accept refund only you not get the correct product as when you make order or parcel missing.

    7. If parcel missing or you not get the correct product, please contact us timely, we will give timely solutions.

    8. Your payment is also protected by paypal, so never worry you can not get parcel after payment.

    9. During taking the product, you can come to our online support system, email us or call us to get help.

    10. You also can ask your local health provider to get consultation during taking the product.

    11. Please login your account to check order and delivery status because we will update it timely there.

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